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Parking During Road Work

Ah, the two seasons in Iowa: Winter, and road work. We have entered the latter, and the north half of 18th St. is closed while the sewer line is being replaced.

So where should you park when you want to shop at Funky Finds? This can be tricky. I'll break it down for you:

  • 18th Street: There is still paid street parking on both sides of the south end of 18th St. (only accessible via Grand Ave.)

    • Loading zone = OK for 15 minutes

    • Fire hydrant = bad

    • Alleys and driveways = bad

  • Grand Ave.: Paid street parking is available, accessible from the east.

    • From 4-6 PM, it is a No Parking Zone.

  • 17th Street: If you don't mind the walk, there is paid street parking a block east of the shop.

  • Parking lots: There are a few privately owned parking lots around our building... And that's all I will say.

The city has also removed our traditional coin parking meters and replaced them with the parking kiosk/app system. Here are some tips for using this new parking method:

  • Parking Kiosk:

    • Costs 25¢/hour.

    • One hour minimum.

    • Coin or card accepted.

    • Kiosks are located on the north end of 18th St., and east of us on Grand.

  • Park DSM app:

    • Costs 50¢/hour.

    • One hour minimum.

    • Card and PayPal accepted.

    • Account required to get started.

For both ways, you will need to take note of your parking space number. You will need to enter the number in order to pay for your spot.

So what's the solution? We have spoken with our city councilman and we are working on some improvements, including additional parking on Grand, eliminating the No Parking Zone time frame, and relocating parking kiosks.

In the past decade, we've made it through two moves and a pandemic. With your support, we can make it through this too! We continue to bring in new items every day, so we promise, the headache is definitely worth it! We appreciate your continued patronage through this inconvenience. ❤️

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