Where are you located?

We are in downtown Des Moines’ Western Gateway at 1501 Ingersoll Ave. (The entrance is only accessible via Linden Street.)


Is the store handicap accessible?

There are no automatic doors, but the shop is all on one level. We're happy to assist you however we can.


What is the parking situation?

Parking is free in the parking lot.

Is photography allowed in the shop?

Yes, we encourage it! We appreciate staging credit/tagging on social media when you take pictures at our shop. Professional photographers: Private shoots are available by appointment for a fee. Call us at 515-777-0667 for more information.


Can I bring my furry friend?

Service animals and well-behaved pets are allowed. Pet owners are responsible for any mess or damage caused by an animal.

Is there a public restroom?

No, sorry. The nearest public restroom is at the QuikTrip next door.

are food and drink allowed?

No food, but you can bring your drink in. You will be held responsible for any spills.

Weren't you somewhere else before?

Yes. From 2012 to 2020, we were located 3 blocks west of our current location in the Argonne building. While it is being renovated, we are in our Ingersoll location. We will return to the Argonne when construction has been completed in 2021.