Clothing consignment guidelines

If you are interested in consigning your vintage clothing with us, please schedule an appointment at 515-777-0667, or come in during our walk-in buying hours.

We carefully curate our inventory. Due to limited space, we are very selective as to what we sell. Here are some general guidelines for what we look for:

  • Clothing and accessories from the 1940s, '50s, '60s, '70s, and sometimes early '80s. We mainly sell mid-century, though.

  • Clothing and accessories in good, clean condition with no damage (no stains, tears, moth bites, broken zippers, missing buttons, bad smells, etc.)

  • Clothing and accessories that are seasonally appropriate (i.e., we will not take in winter coats in spring/summer, etc.)

    • Spring and summer clothing is accepted March–July.

    • Fall and winter clothing is accepted August–February.

    • Items that haven't sold during the allotted time will need to be removed once we change seasons.

  • We don't sell shoes. We don't consign jewelry.

  • Feel free to bring your items in on hangers, but we use our own. If you want the hangers back, please let us know.

The consignment period is seasonal. We split profits evenly. Consignors will be given a full list of guidelines upon approval.


* We do not offer furniture or decor consignment, but we do buy those items outright.